Learn how to turn your passions into the online business of your dreams!


Learn how to turn your passions into the online business of your dreams!

  • Does your own thriving online lifestyle business sound like something you would love?
  • Do you believe that you could be one of those rare individuals brave enough to leave the office behind, change their life and realise their dreams?
  • How would it feel to know that, through the actions you’ve taken, you were living out the experiences you always wanted, grown as a person in ways you never thought possible and contributed so much positivity to the world and those around you?
  • What if told you that this was all possible and that all that’s required is a laptop, an internet connection and a drive to succeed?
  • What would life look like for you if you could spend as much time as you wanted with your loved ones, never had to worry about money again and could travel the world living the laptop lifestyle?
  • Take advantage of the booming digital economy and start living life on your terms!
  • Are you ready to make that bold first step toward the life you deserve?

Escape the 9-5, Awaken Your True Self and be Inspired to Realise Your Dreams!

  • Learn the exact steps to turn your interests into income and create a life and business that you truly LOVE!
  • Follow our simple step by step process to find in-demand products to sell online (physical and digital)
  • Discover two simple business models you can start with immediately and that can be scaled to six figures and beyond!
  • Watch as we show you how to earn high-ticket commissions that pay hundreds (even thousands) per sale!
  • Use our proven business system so you can generate income with just a laptop from anywhere in the world

*Individual results will vary and cannot be guaranteed. Please read the Disclaimer at the bottom of this page

Dan Holloway

I can’t even put into words the impact that SFM has had in my life, not just financially, which is great, but with becoming the person I want to be; having confidence in myself, in my relationships, health, fitness, my whole quality of life has gotten so much higher. Thank you so much, I look forward to seeing you at the next live event.

Amy Taylor

Thank you, thank you, massive thank you, to everybody at the SFM and DEA. Last week I left my corporate sales job to become a fully fledged, self-employed, digital business owner. It’s absolutely everything under one roof that you need to succeed, not just as a new business owner, but how to succeed at life.

Grant Lamb and Helena Lamb

The tools, training, education, mentoring, coaching and community at the SFM have completely revolutionised the quality of our lives. We’ve built confidence in ourselves and have met some of our best friends as a direct result of being in this supportive community of like-minded, genuine human beings who are always there to encourage us and challenge us to be our most authentic selves.

Ruud Nellestijn and Jolanda Nellestijn

In the first few weeks when we started with SFM, we were blown away by the possibilities that the digital world has for us. We had no idea this existed. That’s why we’re so excited about this online education and everything that comes with it, especially the global community. It changed our life completely, and brought us a whole new way of living and working. We got new perspective on life, our relation, business and money, and maybe the most important one: our own personal growth. Thanks Stu & Jay.

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