What if you shared some of the traits of successful, world-changing entrepreneurs?

What if you were able to master a particular skill and then make a huge impact on people’s lives, just as they do?

What if your destiny wasn’t to be sat behind a desk in a stuffy office for eight hours a day but instead was to create, launch and scale your own business in an area that you are truly passionate about?

The very fact you are reading this suggest that you might just be that person!

Do you want to discover whether you might be a budding entrepreneur?

Here are twelve attributes that all successful entrepreneurs possess.

How many do you have?!

You Don’t Want To Settle

You know deep down that there must be more to life than sitting behind a computer for fifty years.

You know that being tied to the office for eight hours a day (or more depending on your role) is in no way making the best use of your time.

You know that you haven’t fulfilled your potential up to this point in your life and that, if you stay where you are now, you never will.

You have an itch to do something else and you’ve had it for a very long time.

You definitely don’t want to settle and you won’t settle until you find something to do with your life that you love.

This tendency to not want to settle is applicable for other areas of your life as well. You also want to be your best self from a health, relationship, spiritual and fitness perspective.

You have high standards and feel uncomfortable when you know you’re not meeting them.

You Explore Opportunities

Instead of asking ‘why?’ in life you ask ‘why not?’

Your default position is not one of cynicism or scepticism but of curiosity and interest.

You know that, in order break free of society’s 9-5 trap, you need to explore opportunities that others either aren’t aware of or dismiss without exploring.

You know that reasons for not taking advantage of an opportunity are not usually reasons but are in fact excuses and you refuse to make excuses.

You spend time reading and scouring the internet for the one opportunity that you just know is out there waiting for you to discover it.

You educate yourself on money, personal development, lifestyle choices and business.

You also realise the importance of harnessing the Law of Attraction in ensuring you draw into your life what it is that you need.

You are prepared to wait for as long as it takes, confident in the knowledge that, as long as you remain positive and curious, a door to a new world will open for you.

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One of the doors will open for you, but which one?

You are ready for this massive change in your life so will keep seeking inspiration until you finally have your lightbulb moment.

You Are Completely Open-Minded

You understand that your learning and ability to grow would be massively comprised if you were anything other than completely open-minded.

You are open to influence from any person or any source at any time in the knowledge that your life could turn on that one decision to read an e-book or that chance comment from someone you barely know.

You also realise that the world as you see it is only one perspective in among 8 billion other perspectives. You know that your truth is not THE truth.

This helps you to stay grounded, reflective, introspective and puts you in the best position to learn, grow and develop.

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8 billion people live on Earth, each with a unique view on the world

You know that narrow-mindedness is the arch enemy of progress and ultimately leads only to suffering and anxiety so you resolve to never go down this path.

You Look At Money Differently To Most Other People

You look around and see that most people have the same attitude toward money and that it creates a fear in their lives.

You notice that most people look for advancements in their careers so they can earn a pay rise in a job they don’t necessarily enjoy and that they fixate on their pensions so they can finally enjoy the fruits of their hard work for the last ten or twenty years of their life.

You find this approach completely crazy as you know there is another way (even if you haven’t quite found it yet!), one that can give you complete financial freedom and total fulfilment.

You also take advantage of the millions of opportunities to create a side income, whether that’s selling items on eBay, matched betting, renting out your house on Airbnb or any of the millions of opportunities out there.

You understand that society limits people’s expectations of what they can do in their lives, including how wealthy they can be, and that these limitations affect many individuals.

You, however, are not one of them.

You Believe In Accepting One Hundred Per Cent Responsibility For Your Own Life And Business

You understand that the world owes you nothing.

You see entitlement as a vehicle only for selfishness, narcissism, vanity and laziness – none of which are traits that will help you achieve what you want to achieve in your life and in your business.

Instead, you embrace values of dedication, gratitude and and humility.

You know that, in order to get to where you want to go, you must imbue everything you do with positivity.

Complete responsibility for your own life means being of service to others and expecting nothing in return.

It also means owning your failures as well as your successes.

If something goes wrong, you realise that blaming other people or your situation is not only disingenuous but is harmful to your soul.

Instead, when something does go wrong or you have an obstacle to overcome, you do it with a renewed sense of optimism and determination.

You Embrace And Welcome Risk

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Taking risks is a crucial part of reaching your potential

At the very core of your being is a realisation that playing it safe in life will not bring you the results you crave.

Instead, you know that, when the time comes and the opportunity is there to be grabbed with both hands, you go for it.

You are clever enough to weigh up the risk involved in taking a big decision but, if your head and heart tell you that it’s right for you, you have the guts to take action.

You observe the risk averse nature of many in society and see that being risk averse more often than not gives rise to feelings of boredom, frustration and even despair.

You know what society wants from you. Society says, in capital letters…DO NOT TAKE RISKS IN YOUR LIFE.

But you know that for you, this just won’t do. If you want to build your own online business, you HAVE to take a risk.

You understand that the risk associated with you staying where you are in your life is greater than the risk associated with you changing your life.

Your Opinion Will Often Clash With The Majority

This possibly used to frustrate you but now you see it as a valuable attribute.

You have a deep understanding of yourself and the world through reading, travel, learning and deep reflection.

This gives you the ability to be able to spot the huge flaws in widely accepted views and to laugh in the face of much conventional wisdom.

You see orthodoxy, groupthink and a powerful herd mentality all around you in life and observe a tendency for people to be afraid to be the one who thinks on a completely different trajectory.

Authenticity, rather than conformity, is your goal every day.

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Stand out from the crowd!

You Believe You Have A Deeper Purpose In Life

You don’t merely want to tread water in life. You don’t even want to be an achiever.

Instead, you want to make a major positive impact on the world.

You have an acute understanding that the clock is ticking and your time left in life is ebbing away. For this reason, you make a promise to yourself to use your time wisely and to be the best possible person that you can.

You want to serve others, help them to find the meaning they so desperately want in their lives and in the process understand yourself more and more each day.

You want to be a student and a teacher each and every day for the rest of your life.

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How are you going to make the most of the time you have left?

You want the business you have created, as well as you as a person, to leave a legacy.

You Are Relentless And Move Forward With Your Goals Each Day

You are not a quitter.

You realise that, just as in life, you will face major challenges in launching and scaling your business.

This does not phase you and instead fills you with resolve.

On the days you feel good you crush it but, crucially, on the days that you feel tired, you still manage to plough on and get things done.

You make progress each day, inching ever closer to your goal, keeping your vision in mind always.

Community at its best
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Is your Perfect Life In View?

You embrace learning, tap into whoever or whatever you can lean on for support and, most importantly of all, take action.

You are organised, able to juggle dozens of tasks all at once and always finish what you start.

You will let nothing stop you creating the business and the life you dream of.

You Deal With Adversity When It Shows Up

You are wise enough to understand that adversity forms a key part of your journey.

Without adversity, you know you cannot grow.

In fact, you may have already dealt with adversity in your life, which has brought you to many realisations and prepared you for this next exciting chapter.

You know that dealing with things when times are hard gives you a deeper understanding of yourself than is possible when everything in your life is in flow.

You know that the experience gained through dealing with sadness, depression, negativity or anything else, will help you in your future and help you to help others who may be struggling.

You know you can deal with anything that life throws your way.

Your experience in dealing with negativity and adversity has also given you the confidence to let go of the people in your life who bring bad vibes and instead you put more energy  into your positive relationships.

You Identify Limiting Beliefs And Eliminate Them

You hear the voice in your head that tells you that you’re not good enough but you don’t listen to it.

You have the awareness to not be sabotaged by negative patterns of thinking and have developed ways to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

You have also developed the skills to identify what beliefs you have that don’t serve you and seek to eliminate them or reframe them.

For example, you may once have looked at self-doubt as a burden. You now see it as integral part of who you are as it means you are constantly questioning and staying grounded.

Maybe you were once afraid of admitting your mistakes. Now, you recast every mistake or failure as a mini-success as you’ve learned something new as an outcome.

Perhaps you once thought you couldn’t be wealthy or maybe even deserved to be wealthy. You now see this belief as utter nonsense.

Whatever your limiting beliefs may be, you are brave enough to challenge your existing views and preconceptions to ensure that your beliefs serve, rather than inhibit you.

And Finally…People Think You’re A Bit Crazy!!

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Plotting your own path sets you apart from the rest but your rewards will be greater!

People around you notice a massive change as you prepare and then embark on a whole new journey in your life.

They may tell you that you’re not destined to be a success, that you’re wasting your time and money or that you haven’t researched the opportunity enough.

You are present enough to understand that their fears come from a good place and that they are trying to protect you.

While it may be frustrating, you listen in the full knowledge that absolutely nothing is going to stop you from getting what you want.

I hope you enjoyed my insights and if you related to some or all of the traits listed, brilliant!

My own moment of clarity arrived when I discovered the Six Figure Mentors. Since then, I haven’t looked back and I’m achieving things I never thought possible.

Are you ready to unleash your inner entrepreneur?

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