Imagine your perfect day.

Take two minutes and really picture it. What are you doing? Where in the world are you? What does it look like? Who’s there with you? How does it feel?

What if you were able to live out your perfect day each and every day, as a direct result of your own  decisions and actions?

What if, by taking control of the many things in life you can control and imbuing all you do with positivity, generosity and intention, you could manifest not just your perfect day, but your perfect life?

What if the universe has been waiting all this time for your instruction?

Here are the five ways to make the law of attraction work for you…


First of all, note the distinction between aloneness and loneliness.

Whereas loneliness means feeling a sense of isolation and seclusion, aloneness is the much more affirmative state of stillness and enlightenment.

In these times of ever increasing information and noise, it’s crucial that you create some time each and every day for quiet reflection.

To allow abundance and positivity to flow into your life, you need to get clear on your aspirations. Only in creating space and time can you gain this clarity and send a clear signal to the universe about what you want.

There’s an old Roman proverb that says ‘walking solves the problem’.

Personally I find that a long walk in the country, with only nature to keep me company, helps me to rid myself of needless negative thought patterns and gives me the opportunity to declutter the things going round in my head.

I return feeling invigorated, cleansed and often inspired.

Person walking on beach
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Enjoy your alone time and get clear on your intention

Whether it’s walking, meditating, yoga, reading or anything else, just try to make it a daily ritual to find quiet. You will find yourself becoming calmer, more confident and more optimistic.

Try this, stick to it and watch as your life begins to improve.


Visualisation is a key aspect in tapping into the law of attraction.

Some of the most successful individuals across a range of disciplines use the power of visualisation to manifest their dreams. It’s a proven method that works.

What is it that you want out of life? What do you want to achieve? What do you want to make your life purpose?

Make things crystal clear for yourself by writing down your perfect day and be specific. Ask yourself:

  • What am I doing for work?
  • Who am I serving?
  • What is my overarching purpose in life?
  • Where in the world am living?
  • Who am I sharing my life with?

Go into as much detail as possible.

The universe needs to know exactly what you want in your life and you need to have the clarity to imagine it every single day until it becomes a reality.

Being able to visualise your dreams is especially important on the days when motivation and willpower fail you. When this happens, you need to reflect on why you started on this new path in the first place in order to stay committed to your journey.

Your mission is constant and never-ending, even when you have a bad day.

So what’s your true mission in life?


Why would the universe want to help you if you’re not grateful for what you already have? In the same way that for every action there is an equal reaction the same applies to gratitude.

Show gratitude and watch the universe pay you back in spades.

The moment I realised this was the moment that the law of attraction finally clicked with me and the moment that I became convinced I was on the path to happiness and fulfilment.

Think about what you have in your life that you can show gratitude for and thank the universe every day for them being there.

For example, maybe you have never been properly thankful toward the loved ones in your life or perhaps you aren’t grateful for the job you currently hold, even if you know it’s definitely not what you want to continue doing.

Let go of any anger, resentment and frustration and replace those emotions with joy, forgiveness and love. You will find that you benefit in your health and emotional state, your career will become less burdensome and people will begin to be drawn to you.

Man on top of rock showing gratitude
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Give thanks for what you already have

If you really want to let positivity to flow into your life then learn gratitude. Start today!

Decisions And Positive Action

There’ a reason why successful people are happy and many others live regretful, unfulfilling lives.

The difference lies in being able to make clear decisions and backing them up with immediate action.

I used to be mired in what seemed like a never-ending cycle of indecision. I struggled to say no to people, overanalysed each and every basic decision in my life and then procrastinated when I finally did make a decision.

Nowadays, I try to make each decision from a place of confidence and self-knowledge. I’m also comfortable that, if I do make a wrong decision, I can put things right.

Being in a permanent state of indecision drained the energy from me and meant I couldn’t send a signal to the universe about what I wanted. That’s because I didn’t know what I wanted!

As important as this is the ability to be able to take daily action in order to get closer to your goals. Action, no matter how small, creates momentum and propels you on a forward path to the fulfilment you desire.

The universe has a way of arranging people and events in such a way as to reward the person who has taken the time to reflect, create positive change, form a clear purpose and engineer daily goals.

This is the law of attraction and it will not fail you if you learn it.


There’s a widespread myth that only people born with an innate ability can excel in a particular field. Not true!

Undoubtedly, there are some special individuals who have the ability to change the world with minimum effort due to their rare genius but the rest of us usually forget that we too can have a major impact.

The secret lies in daily practise and repetition.

Once you’ve decided on what path to take, make sure you do the things you know you need to do each and every day. This constant affirmation will not only mean you are getting closer to mastering your chosen subject or activity but you will gain confidence as you see your vision come ever closer into view.

Scrabble letters spelling out VISION
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Keep aligned with your vision

The universe will receive your intention loudly and clearly and will arrange for the things you can’t control to fall naturally into place for you.

I first became aware of the Law of attraction from reading The Secret.  I’ll leave you with this section, from its introduction, and you can decide whether you need this book in your life:

“As you learn The Secret, you will come to know how you can have, be or do anything you want. You will come to know who you really are. You will come to know the true magnificence that awaits you in life.”

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