You’ve heard about it. You’ve read about it. You’re intrigued by it. You want it for yourself.

But, is starting an online lifestyle business actually possible and is it realistic?

Can you really ditch the 9-5 and begin a new life doing something you love? Something that will give you more purpose, more time, more freedom and more money?

The answer is that absolutely, yes you can! But you need to be deadly serious and one hundred per cent committed.

Read on for my top four tips on what it takes to succeed in building your dream online business!

Have Total Belief

Let’s do a little case study involving two people – person A and person B. Both are intelligent and both want to start their own business.

Person A follows the traditional path of going to school and then university to get qualified. He then secures a good job that pays very well. Person A’s career is flourishing and he is financially secure. However, Person A is starting to feel bored and decides he wants to work for himself. He starts his own online business.

Person B meanwhile dropped out of school and didn’t go to university. She took on a series of jobs and just about manages to make ends meet. After years of seeking something that gives her meaning and purpose, Person B finally happens upon an amazing opportunity that could change her life. Person B rejoices that her lightbulb moment has arrived and also starts her own lifestyle business.

Now, let’s fast forward three years…

Person A quit after four months. Running their own online business just wasn’t for him. There were too many problems, he kept sabotaging himself and he gave up. He is back in his day job with good pay but no fulfilment.

Person B meanwhile has completely changed her life. She is living the laptop lifestyle, traveling the world and earning hundreds of thousands of pounds each year. She has helped many thousands of others also realise their dream to quit the 9-5 and truly has found her life purpose.

Looking at these two examples, wouldn’t you agree that, on the face of it, Person A was in a better position to succeed? And yet he didn’t.


One word – belief. Person B had total belief. Person A didn’t. Simple.

If you really want to change your life then you have to commit fully.

This means sacrificing enjoyable things in your life, setting quality time each day to work on your business, overcoming problems with a positive mindset and not making excuses.

It means taking 100% responsibility to make it work and doing whatever it takes. Others have done this so you can too.

But you need to be resolute and determined and you need to have total belief, just like Person B.

Eagle flying above trees
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Are you and your business going to soar like an eagle?

Be A Leader

Running a successful online lifestyle business means you need to be able to influence. People have a problem that they need solving and they’re looking at you to show them how. You need to do this with courage, honesty and from a position of authority.

In order to influence you need to show the way. You need to embrace your fears, make friends with uncertainty and dive in head first. Your boat is the first one to leave the safety of the shore. Others will only follow if you show them that your boat has reached the tropical island paradise, in spite of the sharks and high seas.

You need to demonstrate as clearly as possible that the journey to total freedom is full of challenges but that what’s waiting for them should they succeed is truly life changing.

Being a leader means providing value  and being completely authentic.

You need to create massive change.  

You then need to identify your values and target your business to the people who will most benefit from what you have to offer.

Really think about what they want and what their problems are. How can you help them address their problems? Are you going to write blogs, shoot videos, host webinars or even organise events? It doesn’t matter – just demonstrate that you empathise and can show the way.

Display leadership by being your true self, not a sanitised version of you. Have integrity, be honest and be vulnerable. People will see this and begin to trust you.

Finger pointing the way
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Can you lead the way?

Invest In Yourself

There’s a reason why coffee shops do so well. People love their coffee! And at £2 a go, it’s a pretty good job they do! I’m sure there’s a pretty good chance you love your coffee too? In fact, I bet you regularly spend £2 on that morning cup too?!

But the cost of just one cup of coffee per day is pretty staggering over time. £60 a month. £720 per year! And what about all of the other unnecessary expenses (£5 a day on lunch at work anyone?) that, you can probably do without or at least have for much cheaper.

Think about what else you can do with that money! You see, if you want to really fire your business into action, you do need to be willing to invest some cash.

Think about it. What better way to spend your money than on an investment in yourself? People don’t think twice at spending thousands on a brand new car or on a two week holiday to a five star resort.

But, what if next time, you saved that money an spent it on your business, your education, your personal development or all three?

But it’s not all about the money!

To be a success then it’s essential that you get to know yourself and that you look after and care for yourself.

Take some time to identify your bad habits and work on eliminating them.

Focus on creating some time each day where you can visualise your future success. There are lots of ways to do this, with meditation being a particularly popular method with lots of entrepreneurs.

Woman meditating on top of mountain
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Meditate your way to success?

And keep learning! Each day that you learn something you will grow as a person and this will be reflected in your business. Read, listen to podcasts, attend webinars, do whatever is necessary to evolve and develop. 

Small incremental improvements each day will soon build into something much more tangible and one day you will wake up and realise that now you’re simply unstoppable!

Think Like An Entrepreneur

Some of you reading this will already know what I’m talking about here and will already possess the potential to become an entrepreneur. For those of you that don’t know what’s meant by this then pay attention!

In order to become successful with your online business you need to be willing to take one hundred per cent responsibility each and every day. Only you can make this work. The world owes you nothing. Only you and you alone can create the change you need in your life.

So…you need to reframe much of what you’ve learned so far in your life.

Own your failures as well as your successes. While we’re at it, reframe failure altogether. With the right attitude, each time you will learn something new about yourself which will only give you more reason to succeed. You need to fail a lot of times before you eventually get to where you want.

But when you do fail, don’t ruminate over it! Just dust yourself off, get back to work and move on!

You also need to be creative, flexible and always find a way to solve a problem. You will encounter challenges every day and you need to find a way to get past them.

Work on any limiting beliefs you have. Why do you think you can’t do this? Why do you think you can’t find the time? Try to rid yourself of any blockages or negative thinking patterns.

Embrace uncertainty! The road you are taking will have many twists and turns. You can’t possibly predict where the destination will be or what it will look like. But getting comfortable with uncertainty will fire your creativity and bring out the best in you.

No more boredom. No more inertia. Every day will be exciting!

Finally, you need to change your approach toward risk. Realise that this new venture is a risk. Realise that, in taking this new path, you risk losing a lot of the things that you have become accustomed to over the years – stability, security, a regular monthly income.

But here’s the thing with taking risks. If your intention is positive and you fully commit, there really isn’t any way you can fail. And in not failing you are succeeding. And in succeeding, the rewards for taking that risk will be far greater than the original sacrifice you made.

Success written in the sand
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Remember that you need to embrace risk to make your business a success?

Remember that risk equals opportunity. All entrepreneurs know this.

Do you want to find out more about an amazing opportunity that has changed my life and could do the same for you?

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